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After her first film “Clandestine” won a Festival “Best Short Film” Award and was selected to air as part of BET’s The Best Shorts, Condra’s passion for filmmaking was cemented. 


Since then she’s worked with a number of artists and brands to share their music, stories and products with the masses as well as her own.  Invoking her innate storytelling sensibility with each and every film – no matter its length, type or genre – is what sets Condra apart from others.

“I inherited the gift of writing,” she contends, paying homage to her mother who is a poet.  “For me, everything starts with the story, whether I’m translating the lyrics of a song on film, introducing a new product to a consumer, exploring the intricacies of someone’s life story or crafting a fictitious tale purely for entertainment.”

“There’s an expression that ‘there are no new stories.’  While that might be true,
I love the challenge of telling them in a unique and clever way.  And I especially enjoy the element of surprise.  I want to make you feel…I want to sweep you off your feet.”