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Condra Magee is an award-winning Director with a diverse background in the film and television industry.  Having gotten her start with a short film that was acquired for television distribution then spending time in almost every area of the business, she’s primarily focused her creativity over the last few years in the Commercial arena.


Her knack for timing that makes each project feel like nothing short of rhythmic choreography and her ability to intuitively achieve emotive performances has led her to collaborate with major brands like Mars Wrigley’s, Aveeno, Jack Daniels, Delta, The Home Depot and more.  


The advantage of her innate storytelling sensibility with each film – no matter its length, genre, or outlet – is what sets Condra apart from others.  It is this versatility that has allowed Condra to achieve the same visceral response from her Commercial content as she does with the perhaps more nuanced Docustyle short films.


“For me, everything starts with the story, whether I’m translating the lyrics of a song through moving pictures, pitching a product to a consumer, exploring the intricacies of someone’s life story or crafting a fictitious tale purely for entertainment.  My goal is always to be a great storyteller.”  Her track record certainly echoes this ambition.

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